Below you can find some news of my recent work.

Acoustic self-bending and bottle beams
Our recent Nature Communications paper on "Acoustic self-bending and bottle beams" is featured by:

1. "Bottling Up Sound Waves: Acoustic Bottle Beams from Berkeley Lab Hold Promise for Imaging, Cloaking, Levitation and Other Apps" 
LBL News (August 2014)

2"Bottling up sound waves" Phys.Org (August 2014)

3. "Bottling up sound waves" Nanowerk (August 2014)

4. "Bottling up sound waves" Science Daily (August 2014)

5. "Bottling up sound waves" R&D Magazine (August 2014)


Nonlinear optical self-trapping in soft-matter systems
Our recent Physical Review Letters paper on "Optical nonlinearities and enhanced light transmission in soft-matter systems with tunable polarizabilities" (see also arXiv:1308.3039) is selected as "Editor's suggestion" and featured by Physics of APS: "Colloidally trapped light needles ".
Nonparaxial Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams
Our recent Physical Review Letters paper on "Nonparaxial Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams" (see also arXiv:1210.6302) is featured by: 

 1. "Cover Story" in PRL (November 2012)

 2. "Editor's Suggestion" in PRL (November 2012)

 3. "Accelerating beams: Non-paraxial-limited" in Nature Photonics: Research Highlights (December 2012)

 4. "Optical boomerangs" in Physics of APS (November 2012)

 5. "Two new classes of accelerating light beams" in January issue of Optics and Photonics News of OSA (January 2013)

 6. "Two new classes of accelerating light beams" in Newsroom of Optics and Photonics News of OSA (November 2012)

 7. "Light bends itself round corners" in Physics World of IOP (November 2012)

 8. "Weber beams beat the paraxial limit of Airy beams" in Laser Focus World (December 2012)

Morié-based Rotating Optical Tweezers

Our work on "Morié-based Rotating Optical Tweezers"  (published in Biomedical Optics Express) is featured in "Optics in 2012" in Optics and Photonics News (December special issue)
Linear and nonlinear circular nonparaxial accelerating beams
Our work on "Linear and nonlinear circular nonparaxial accelerating beams" presented in OSA 96th Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics  (published in Optics Letters)  has been awarded as  Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper (November 2012):  
Space-time Crystals of Trapped Ions

Our recent Physical Review Letters paper on "Space-time crystals" (see also arXiv:1206.4772) is featured by: 
1. "Cover story" in PRL (October 2012)

2. "Crystals of time" Viewpoint in Physics (October 2012)

3. "Building a space-time crystal" in Nature: Research Highlights (October 2012)

4. "A clock that will last forever" LBL News (September 2012)

5. "A clock that will last forever: proposal to build first space-time crystal" Science Daily (September 2012)

6. "How to build a space-time crystal" MIT Technology Review (June 2012)

Self-accelerating Airy beam and Hybrid Nonlinearity

Our work has been published as two invited book chapters (Chapter 1 and Chapter 5) in a new Springer Book: "Nonlinear Photonics and Novel Optical Phenomena" (June 2012)

Dynamic Control of Plasmonic Airy Beams

Our work on "Plasmonic Airy Beams"  (published in Optics Letters) is featured by:

1. "Shooting light a curve" LBL News (August 2011)

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Tunable Oscillation of Discrete Solitons

Featured as a Cover Story in October issue of Journal of Optics A in 2011 

Generation and Nonlinear Self-trapping of Optical Propelling Beams

Featured as a Cover Story in September issue of Optics Letters in 2010 

Saddle Solitons under Hybrid Nonlinearity

Featured in  "Optics in China 2009"

Ionic-type Photonic Lattices and Hybrid Nonlinearity

Featured in "Optics in 2008" in December issue of Optics and Photonics News in 2008