Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, and Metamaterials

Engineering nanostructures for novel optical properties to control the flow of light.

Nonconventional beams: Vortex, Propelling, Bottle, Self-accelerating Beams

Designing wavepackets with unique properties including rotating, nondiffracting, self-healing, self-bending properites for varieties of applications.

Optical Manipulation of Micro-particles and Biological Samples

Manipulating micro-particles and biological samples with novel optical beams.

Linear and Nonlinear wave dynamics in Periodic, Quasi-periodic, and Disordered Media

Studying both linear and nonlinear wave dynamics in periodic, quasi-periodic, as well as disordered structures.

Nonlinear Optical Phenomena

Exploring nonlinear refractive index engineering, self-trapping, solitons and their interactions in different nonlinear media, including photorefractive crystal and nanosuspensions.